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Susan Abrams  
Gloria Adornetto
It is with my deepest regret that I inform the committee that on June 25th 2014, my sister in-law, Gloria Adornetto Underwood passed away. She was so looking forward to attending the Class Reunion.          Sincerely, Jack Tretheway




Alan Barich August 7, 2019
Ron Barrish Auto accident, February, 1963
Kathleen Benson
July, 1998
Diane Bernard November 27, 2008 in Suquamish, WA
Larry Bernard December 27, 2014 in Gresham, Multnomah, Oregon

 in Mike



Judith Lee

Bogni Ave

 March, 2014


Byers Kaminski


Patrick K. Carson February, 2001






Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Wall Panel 26E, line 022
Article from the St. Matthew's 8th Grade 50th Class Reunion
       Contributed by MarySue Fulgham                                                                 September, 1967






“I have been thinking many years about should I or shouldn't I make a tribute or thought to a good and fun friend Jim Cocconi, so hear it goes.  When walking to Borel, I would meet up with Jim and Steve Kratch at Jim’s house and continue talking and walking.  Since I lived the farthest I would have thought of many things to talk about but never had time to spout them out simply do to the distance of 200 or 300 yards to the gates of school.  Jim was always a concerned person, wanting to learn about new things, picking his guitar on the bed waiting patiently for me.  Probably his patience is why he became a Spanish teacher later on in life. I still miss him even though his passing has been some time but I know he is in a better place.  Take care my friend.”                                        
Contributed by Harry Bobbit     





Dean Kincaid

Marilyn passed away in April of 2007 after a long illness. She was a talented pianist, opera singer, writer, and loved studying languages. 
February, 2007
        Contributed by Joan Pollock Trainor




Edward Gary Dekker February, 2010
Mike Denton

"We met in 1999 in Las Vegas and were together till 2010. We came back to California in 2000 settling in Sonoma which gave Mike the opportunity to reconnect with his son Ben and daughter Morgan who lived nearby. Mike got to see his daughter graduate from college and his son get married and welcome a grandson into the world before he passed away in the summer of 2011. He found an artistic side late in his life that allowed him a way to deal with his debilitating back pain. He would draw and paint for hours and found joy in creating art that he never thought he had in himself. He always was a "sports" guy, so this side of himself was a pleasant surprise. He would give his work away to anyone that appreciated it and that brought him joy. He would tell me stories of going to Aragon High School and playing sports and his dad teaching music there and he would always have a light in his eyes so I hope his classmates can remember him that way."
     Contributed by Cynthia Markson

Michael Dunstan  August, 2012
Greg Edison March 1, 2016 
Helene Enslow

     Due to Helene, I have lived in Ashland, Oregon for the past eight years.  At our fortieth reunion, I mentioned to classmates that I wanted to relocate back to the West Coast after living in the Midwest, East and South.  Several classmates, including Helene, invited me to visit them at their current homes located between central California and Ashland.  I visited many of them and was attracted to Ashland at first sight.
      Helene helped me with settling in Ashland, showed me the area and introduced me to her many friends.  I found that she was one of the most giving, humble and spiritual persons whom I had met, so we became good friends.  After a few years, Helene decided to move back to Colorado, where she had several friends.  There, she discovered that she had advanced breast cancer.  After her condition worsened and natural remedies were unsuccessful, she returned to Ashland.
      I saw Helene and talked with Helene during her last days.  She faced death with the same calmness, dignity and bravery as she lived.  In January 2012, she passed away peacefully among family.  Following her wishes, after her death, her closest friends and family held a celebration of life service in the Ashland area.  During the service, images highlighting her life (including her Aragon years) were shown.  In her special memory, each participant was given a butterfly, and everyone simultaneously released the butterflies into the air.
      While she was ill, Helene asked me not to tell anyone about her situation, and I honored those wishes.  Her death still deeply saddens me to the extent that, even now, writing about her passing is difficult.  To overcome the difficulty, I think about her illuminating smile and wonderful laughter. 
Contributed by Dennis Goldstein







Michael Edward Fox May, 2008
Noe Florez October 5, 2016
due to complications of Viet Nam service
David Fredericks David Fredericks passed away on the 29th of March 2018. No other information is available at this time. Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out To The Fredericks Family, Friends and Our Classmates.

March, 2018

Tom Galbraith

Dear Friends,

I am writing with some sad news from Colorado.  Tom died at home on October 24; cause of death was a glioblastoma. This brain tumor was diagnosed in late June as Stage IV brain cancer. We visited a brain surgeon in Denver shortly after the diagnosis. The surgeon suggested that with treatment (3 months of surgery, radiation, and chemo) Tom’s life expectancy could be 8 to 9 months.  But because of the location of Tom’s tumor, surgery risked damaging all movement on Tom’s right side, his ability to speak, and his sense of balance.  Without treatment, Tom's life expectancy was 2-4 months. Tom decided that the risks of treatment were great and the benefits small, so he declined treatment and we came home and registered with hospice.
Tom lived 3+ months of mostly normal life at home.  He finished 2 solar projects for his niece and nephew, and another electrical wiring project.  He went on several multi-day backpacking trips in the San Juans with friends, and some day hikes as well.  Family and friends from all over the country came to see Tom.  Over the months he gradually became weaker.  He was only seriously ill for his last 10 days, and he was unconscious for the last 7 of those days. Tom said he never had any pain.  He lived 4 months and 3 days after his diagnosis. Tom's departure was peaceful.

Tom’s obituary was in the Durango Herald our local newspaper.  [Link provided.]

Tom kept a blog for a number of years. At the top of his blog he asked, “How many summers do you have left?”  I have updated the blog with a few photos from Tom’s last summer, and you can read about our past adventures on the blog as well:

Thank you for being part of Tom’s and my life —  with love, Stanna


October, 2017

Sheila Gray

May, 2001




Mary Griffin Wilkinson December, 2010




Frank Hasty, Jr. 1966
David Hollingsworth May, 2012



1990 in San Francisco, CA


Hull Bernal


La Rhea

Jones Barker

    I would like to take the time to remember my best friend LaRhea Jones Barker.  LaRhea's smile was as warm as the sun on any given day, rain or shine.  Her friendship through high school and through her married years were a gift.  I was her maid of honor by proxy when she and Lee married.  It did not matter to her that I could not stand beside her at the Temple in Oakland.   I was there for her in spirit as she is for me now.
    I miss her with all my heart to this day.  She and her family were at my home only a few months before they were killed in an automobile accident.  Her first born, Marsha was at college at the time of this tragedy.  I miss you my friend and I am ever so grateful for the talk we had  before your death which gave me the strength to see where my life was and to take charge.

     Contributed by Charlene Wiper Swenson 







Bruce Langridge

I was sad to hear of the passing of Bruce Langridge. He was a very simpatico
friend--a very nice human being who was easy to talk to and who had a pleasing personality.  We were in several drama classes together with Mr. Bell--a very loosely structured class where we could choose our own activities.
If anyone was in connection with him after high school,
I would be curious to hear about his life. Thanks.
 Sangita Moskow (formerly Lisa Rasnick)
November 29, 1989 in Los Angeles, CA

Steve Langston      Some thoughts of my life with Steve - he had such fond memories of being in gymnastics and going home bloodied after Football, and stealing plums from one of his neighbor's trees, and then of course being in the Boy Scouts. As i told someone at the 40th Reunion, i was number LAST, not number #7, as we won the prize for the most times married.
     Steve had a varied life after high school. He had been a Horse Trainer, Insurance Broker, Hazardous Material truck driver, worked awhile for Pac Bell. Steve got drafted of course, Vietnam was in full force, he went to Basic Training and during the break between basic and his duty assignment he got into a motorcycle accident, which injured one of his knees and disqualified him from active duty. Steve worked awhile as a volunteer Fire Fighter and rode awhile with the Hell Angels (yes, the Hells Angels), also raced Motorcycles at the San Jose Track. He owned a MAC Tool Franchise for awhile and worked as a Laundry Service route man for several years. That's the folks that clean table cloths, linens from hotels, hospitals, uniforms etc.
     In 2005 Steve was diagnosed with a terminal illness, for which there was no cure. The doctors gave him a year and a half to live so anytime past that was a Gift. He kept his illness a secret due to not wanting anyone else worrying about him. Steve had been having a lot of stomach and kidney problems, unfortunately his body was not able to fight against this terminal illness. Once i arrived at the hospital Sunday afternoon, i was told he had no brain function and if he lived he would be in a total vegetative state, so...I followed Steve’s wishes, and i told them not to continue with life saving measures. This was the second time in two months that i had to make that decision and its not fun, believe me.
     Steve had one son, John Stephen Langston, Jr. (Steve's real name is John Stephen Langston). He also, has one Granddaughter; however, he claimed my Grandchildren, as his and to them he was Grandpa Steve
     Loretta Langston                                                                                                                     May, 2013



...Mike Lemon... passed away recently from a rare and fatal melanoma. He was the singular most important person in my life in my high school years. He was very laid back and unassuming in his character, but had an emotional insight and mental consciousness way beyond his years. I've been having an email correspondence with one of his best friends, Jim Smith. Jim describes him as being a "very old soul" and "soulful". Another friend of his, Dick Cooper, talked about how his friends looked up to  him for leadership in any matter requiring wisdom. I feel like my classmates at Aragon were my real family in my teenage years. Being such an individual himself, Mike gave me the faith to begin to explore my own individuality. I always remember this time he picked me up to go out and my father said that he couldn't go out with me again unless he shaved his beard. As we were walking down the stairs Mike yelled back, "Jesus Christ had one! Abraham Lincoln had one!" and so on.     
       Contributed by Lisa Rasnick Sangita Moskow

Donna Leonard Sample  
Wayne Lerios 2009






Frank Marchi  
Bill Marshall April, 2008
Peter John Matheu July, 2014

     Rich died peacefully surrounded by his loving wife, Valerie, of 31 years, and daughters, Marissa and Andrea on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2007 in Burlingame due to complications of neurosarcoidosis. He was forever optimistic and courageous.
     Beloved son of the late Marino and Josephine Mazzoncini and son‑in‑law of Eyda and the late Ernest Giachetti. Dear brother of Maureen Cox (Bill) and Barbara Maniscalco (Paul); brother‑in‑law of Dr. Ernie Giachetti (Marcia) and uncle to numerous nieces and nephews. He leaves behind extended families, D'Angelo, Mazzoncinj ' Tassan and Giachetti and many lifelong friends.
     Rich, affectionately known as Mazz to his friends, colleagues and students will always be remembered for his quick wit, sense of humor and the twinkle in his eyes. In his spare time he enjoyed playing golf, back-packing in the Sierras every summer, fishing and, most of all, spending time with his family,
     Rich attended local schools and graduated from Aragon High School, He first attended CSM transferring to Cal State Hayward, graduating in 1964
. received his secondary teaching credential from College of Notre Dame in 1971 and began his career at Ralston Middle School. In 1974 he began his high school teaching career at Capuchino High School. He transferred to Hillsdale High School in 1980 where he remained until his 2006 retirement, While at Hillsdale, he wore many hats ‑ special resource and general education teacher, dean of students, var­sity football and baseball coach, athletic director, and assistant vice principal, As a committed educator and coach he in­fluenced the lives of hundreds of young people.
                                      REPRINT FROM THE SAN MATEO TIMES




Jim McCarty June 2015













Gjon Pauson  
William Kirk Phaling III  
James Riederer  
Rikki (Frederica) Robles 1992  
Carolyn E. Rose Slater

Passed away in February 2013 after a long battle with a rare blood disease.

Lynn Rutherford April 28, 2019
Ron Santos October, 2015






About 2010
Ace Slaughter  
Clement Frank Souder IV December, 2005




Tom Steiner October, 2008




Peter Tamulevich December, 2012




Kristine (Tina)


June, 2009
“We lived 3,000 miles apart, but chatted a lot, especially about animals
and played games online. Patrick was a good and kind man and a good friend.
I miss talking to him.” Barbara Costa

Tribune obituary   February 6, 2015



December, 2003



April, 2004

Rodney Wilson DeVoe August 2011
Vance Wood March, 1995
Sue Woolfitt 2013
John Worbetz

May, 2003

Cathryn Wright July, 2011

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