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January 2014            “The Year of the 50th”                Issue #117




Before we get into the articles that many of you sent in for the January Newsletter, I have to share with you some of my thoughts on one of the very best Christmas Holidays I have ever enjoyed. I have been receiving Christmas Gifts since early November! I know, you are thinking, how can that be?  Well, I’m elated that you have that question, stirring around in your gray matter.  So, without taking too much more time to perk your interest,  I received my first Christmas Gift on my birthday,  November 8th and I am still receiving them on a daily basis, and continuing though the first of January 2014! Are you scratching your head, trying to figure this one out?

OK, here goes. I have been talking with YOU - via e-mail, snail mail, and the best communications, land line or cellphone!  I have had the ability to laugh, embellish some long forgotten stories, and shed some tears about loved ones that have passed away.  In many cases, we just talked about the last fifty years and how we are doing and If those lines we wrote down in our Classmate’s Yearbooks have been achieved or still being worked on or moved on to something else, due to changing circumstances.  I believe that I have spoken, (via the three systems mentioned above), to over two hundred and fifty of you!  Thank you.

I am really looking forward to the 50th Reunion just so I can continue my conversations with all of you.  I know, I told many of you, “anytime you are coming through or visiting Las Vegas - the door is open, just give me a call!”

I want to share these Gifts that I have received and continue to receive almost every day with as many of you as I can. So, if you are sitting at home and you have a phone message, a letter in the mail box, or an e-mail waiting for you to answer, from me...Please take the time, I would really enjoy talking with you.  I would like you to have the same great feelings that I have enjoyed with my extended Christmas Season.  There are a couple of things you can do to help the entire Aragon Class of 1964.
     • Once you receive something ref. the 50th (that needs info. from you), Please return it as soon as you can. Any of the three methods works, but e-mail is usually the fastest and best way to receive and send information. If YOU have not heard from me via e-mail, phone, or snail mail contact me asap. Bob Graham, or (702) 656-1696, Thank you!

     • I am including another list of “Missing Classmates” for you to help find -  I thank you in advance.  You are doing great locating our Classmates.

     • Even if you might not want to go to the 50th (maybe only five?), the data base that your information goes into, may help you find a Classmate you have been looking for or them trying to find you.

     • If any of you have not talked with me yet and are on the “other Aragon Alumni Site” - Please check your in-box, you have a message - I’m waiting to connect with you.

     • Finally, once again, thank you for all your assistance and I look forward to thanking all of you at the 50th Reunion!


Please assist us in finding OUR “MISSING CLASSMATES”:  We Started with  #181  -  We/You Have found - #122. You have found E-mail addresses, Home addresses, and Phone numbers on many...  Thank You!  We only had #55 to find, BUT 4 were added to the list: e-mail, phone, address - NO GOOD! We now have #59 to find.  I know WE can do it!

Aslanian, Patricia Jean
Ayers, Jean Ellen 
 Barry, Dennis
Blackburn, Chris
Bonin, Dannette
Caniela Del Buono, Christine
Cantor Schwartz, Olivia Joan
Chong, Christine (Tina)
Cofer, Donald Allan
Coker, Annette
Cook Lucas, Judy
Costa, Barbara 
Davis, Francis Jane
Dowd, Carolyn
Evans, Randy
Ferguson, Mary Ruth
Florez, Joe
Galloway, Michael
Garner, Harriet
Hamilton, Mike

Henricksen Smith, Linda
Hollingsworth, David
Ice, John
Jensen, Barbara Nel
Keys, Alan
Kneese, Valerie Patricia
Larson, Mary Patricia
Linehan, Frank
Luke, Karen Ann
Macy, Marilyn Suzanne
Marshall, William H.
Massey, Carol Elieen
Mathis, Jo Ann
Miller, Judy               
Morton, Jeannine
Mullins, Cheryl
Paster, Frances Elaine
Pezzola Bryant Susan
Pillard Pearson, Cheryl
Reed, Penny
Reimer, Mike
Rose, Carolyn
Royker Morris, Jean (Kitt)
Simms, Diana Lynne              
Sivils, Bruce
Smith, Harriet
Smith, Shelly
Sumrell, Barbara
Tagilafico, Lynn Diane
Vucinich Olsen, Kris
Walden, Jim
Weishaar Rivalie, Sharon
White, Elaine           
Wilson, Rodney
Woolf, Jon
Woolridge, Tom 
Wright, Cathryn G. 
Wright, Kathleen June
Wurzweller, Barbara

WE, the strong foundation of Aragon High School, will find “OUR” Classmates!


Now, Some Articles for January 2014

Side By Side
Contributed by Gary Rocklage

We Lived During These Times
Contributed by Bruce Ahlvin

If You Didn’t Wrap Your Cat Right
Contributed by Charlene (Wiper) Swenson

Dog Asks for Directions
Contributed by Jake & Honor Graham

Impressive Performance
Contributed by Michael Graham

The Chalk Guy is Back...
Contributed by Kathy (Lanstyak) Sheffield

Contributed by Maggie (Tubia) Horwitz

Roads and Paths
Contributed by Bruce Ahlvin

Contributed by I. B. Mapper

Six Thousand Parts
Contributed by Linda (Wanke) Rapp

The Doo Wop Oldies Quiz
Contributed by Bruce Ahlvin

Hopefully, We Can All Forget This Sooner, Than Later
Contributed by Michael Graham

Fishing - Really?
Contributed by Bruce Ahlvin

From Youth, To Our Future
Contributed by Bob Graham


Don’t Forget:  

Happy Birthday and Anniversary to All January Classmates

January Dates to Remember:




1 -
New Year's Day


2 -
Run up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day

3 -
Festival of Sleep Day

- Fruitcake Toss Day
- Humiliation Day

4 -
Trivia Day

5 -
National Bird Day

6 -
Bean Day

- Cuddle Up Day

7 -  
Old Rock Day

8 -
Bubble Bath Day

- Male Watcher's Day

9 -
Play God Day [WHAT?]

10 -
Houseplant Appreciation Day

- Peculiar People Day

11 -
Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

12 -
Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
- National Pharmacist Day

13 -  International Skeptics Day
Make Your Dream Come True Day

14 -
Dress Up Your Pet Day

15 -  
National Hat Day

16 -  
National Nothing Day

17 -
Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day

18 -  
Thesaurus Day

- Winnie the Pooh Day, (birthday of  author, A.A. Milne)

19 -
National Popcorn Day.

20 -  National Buttercrunch Day
-  Penguin Awareness Day
- Martin Luther King Jr. “Birthday”

21 -
National Hugging Day
- Squirrel Appreciation Day

22 -
National Blonde Brownie Day

23 -
National Pie Day
National Handwriting Day
Measure Your Feet Day [We only ask...."Why!?!"]

24 -
Beer Can Appreciation Day - Compliment Day

25 -
Opposite Day

26 -
Spouse's Day

27 - Chocolate Cake Day

- Punch the Clock Day

28 - Fun at Work Day
- National Kazoo Day

29 - National Puzzle Day
National Cornchip Day

30 -  National Inane Answering Message Day

31 -  Backward Day
- Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Keep Your Fork...’64,
Bob Graham

PS:     A BIG THANK YOU to all those, almost 250 Classmates, that have sent their information in, so we can get their information into the Data Base. Then we can send you the latest on the 50th Reunion.

Also, A BIG THANK YOU to those Classmates who have found some of our “MISSING CLASSMATES!”

And finally, A BIG THANK YOU to those Classmates, Families, and Friends, that send articles in, month after month, for the Newsletter - 117 months of YOUR Newsletters...  Outstanding! HOOAH,




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