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June 2016
 "  Say Cheese... Smiles On!  "  
Issue #146



May was another excellent month for the Aragon Class of ‘64! Your “A - Game” was brought front and center.  So, with that being said, let’s see what is waiting for us this month.

For those of us who watch or follow the “media” I must admit that I’m not hearing too much that puts a smile on my face.  So, with this month’s newsletter, I’m going to try and replace some frowns with some smiles.  I know the old cliché, “it takes fewer muscles to smile and more to frown.”  Let’s just agree to work on our smiles with this newsletter, okay?  Okay?!

Before we move into your articles for June, let’s review a few of the important points from May’s Newsletter:

CONNECTIONS AND RECONNECTIONS:  this proved to be a strong starting point. A few connections and many reconnections started our ascent in May. Leading the call was:

“Who Said That - Movie Quote Addition” (WST- MQA):  Many were seeking the WIN on this one.


The top three were within 23 minutes of each other:
          #1 Lenore (Felker) Rounsaville
          #2 Gary Rocklage
          #3 Henry “Hank” Hoyt

Others that were in the running:
          • Steve Bechtold
          • Kathy (Lanstyak) Sheffield
          • Phoebe (Lewis) Farley
          • Bonnie (Costantini) Philpott
          • Michael Galloway (in Thailand)
          • ShaRon (Broock) Woodward

Now for June’s “Who Said That - Movie Quote Addition” (WST- MQA):



THE BUCKET LIST CHALLENGE (BLC):  Okay, I have been bailed out the last two months in a row!  But, not ONE of you wanted to be my HERO this month and bail me out!@#$%?  So, here is another embarrassing event that was never on my B/L, until after I did it!

Here we go.  A “few decades” ago, I was located along the Chagres River (C/R) in Panama.  The unit I was with had to cross the C/R before nightfall.  The river was about 50 feet across and we would be crossing by using a “one rope bridge (ORB).”  Before we could do that, we needed “someone” to swim the distance with one end of the rope.  The other end was already attached to a black palm tree at our crossing point.

So with the rope tied around my waist, I walked in and quickly found out that my boots were not touching any bottom.  Now, I went into my Aragon swimming skills and started kicking and stroking as fast as I could.  At the exact same time I was splashing through the water, the Panamanian Assistant In Charge (PAC) started yelling to me to be quiet and swim without splashing!  OK, he is from Panama and I’m from the Aragon Swimming Pool, with an occasional swim and attempt at surfing in Santa, I listened like “my life depended” on his instructions. Finally across the river, I tied off the rope to another black palm tree. I gave the signal to cross and waited for the first of approximately 20 unit members to “commando crawl” across the (ORB).

Prior, to the first person leaving the shore, the (PAC) threw a large piece of meat about 10 feet from the crossing point and yelled at me to watch what was about to happen.  All of a sudden the unit, moving “at mock speed,” came across the (ORB).  At the same time, I was watching the piece of bloody meat disappear in the churning water, with nothing on the surface at all calm!  The last man, the (PAC), came across the (ORB) and had a big smile on his face and so did just about everyone else.  The (PAC) asked me to check my canvas boots and my jungle fatigues.  I answered “for what?”  Again he said, just check them.  I found holes in everything I inspected. Then the truth came out.

Although, it is rare, it does happen from time to time...”PIRANHA” get into certain areas within the Chagres River!  The bloody meat was a decoy, to keep them away from us!  But, wait a minute, wasn’t I one of us?  The words “no splashing or stoking - be quiet” kept me from being lunch for a few hundred Piranha!  My boots and jungle fatigues told another story!

This event is in my Bucket List, entitled: “The Day I Swam (quietly) with the Piranhas!” NEVER AGAIN!

Hooah, Hugs & “SAY CHEESE...SMILES ON,”


A Preview Of The June Newsletter, “SAY CHEESE...SMILES ON:”

• Music, Music & More Music              • The Last Ones
• Tastefully XXX                                   • I Give Up
• Funk You Up                                      • Go Figure
• Life Span                                            • Really - NO
• Overture                                              • Black & White
• Concert Petaluma                                 • Never
• Ritz                                                     • Crocodile
• Mandatory                                           • Super Heroes
• Hugs                                                    • Millennials

The Sounds Of Music”  Contributed by Mike & Stevie Graham  (We were raised on this music - enjoy, pick what you like.)

“Children of the 30's & 40's - The Last Ones, A Short Memoir”
Contributed by Linda (Wanke) Rapp
(A time to stop and reflect on who we are and how we got to where we are today. We may not have done everything you will read about below; but, we were a part of it. imprinted by Parents and inculcated by other Family Members)

Born in the 1930's and 40's…
we exist as a very special age cohort.  We are the last ones. We are the last, climbing out of the depression, who can remember the winds of war and the war itself with fathers and uncles going off. We are the last to remember ration books for everything from sugar to shoes to stoves. We saved tin foil and poured fat into tin cans. We saw cars up on blocks because tires weren't available. My mother delivered milk in a horse drawn cart.

We are the last to hear…
Roosevelt's radio assurances and to see gold stars in the front windows of our grieving neighbors. We can also remember the parades on August 14, 1945; VJ Day. We saw the boys home from the war build their Cape Cod style houses, pouring the cellar, tar papering it over and living there until they could afford the time and money to build it out.

We are the last who spent childhood…
without television; instead imagining what we heard on the radio.  As we all like to brag, with no TV, we spent our childhood playing outside until the street lights came on. We did play outside and we did play on our own. There was no little league. The lack of television in our early years meant, for most of us, that we had little real understanding of what the world was like. Our Saturday afternoons, if at the movies, gave us newsreels of the war and the holocaust sandwiched in between westerns and cartoons.  Newspapers and magazines were written for adults. We are the last who had to find out for ourselves.

As we grew up…
the country was exploding with growth. The G.I. Bill gave returning veterans the means to get an education and spurred colleges to grow. VA loans fanned a housing boom. Pent up demand coupled with new installment payment plans put factories to work. New highways would bring jobs and mobility.  The veterans joined civic clubs and became active in politics. In the late 40's and early 50's the country seemed to lie in the embrace of brisk, but quiet order as it gave birth to its new middle class. Our parents understandably became absorbed with their own new lives. They were free from the confines of the depression and the war. They threw themselves into exploring opportunities they had never imagined.

We weren't neglected, but we weren't today's all-consuming family focus. They were glad we played by ourselves until the street lights came on. They were busy discovering the post war world.

Most of us had no life plan, but with the unexpected virtue of ignorance and an economic rising tide we simply stepped into the world and went to find out. We entered a world of overflowing plenty and opportunity; a world where we were welcomed.   Based on our naive belief that there was more where this came from, we shaped life as we went.

We enjoyed a luxury; we felt secure in our future.  Of course, just as today, not all Americans shared in this experience.   Depression poverty was deep rooted. Polio was still a crippler.  The Korean War was a dark presage in the early 50's and by mid-decade school children were ducking under desks. China became Red China. Eisenhower sent the first "advisors" to Vietnam. Castro set up camp in Cuba and Khrushchev came to power.

We are the last…
to experience an interlude when there were no existential threats to our homeland. We came of age in the late 40's and early 50's.  The war was over and the cold war, terrorism, climate change, technological upheaval and perpetual economic insecurity had yet to haunt life with insistent unease. Only we can remember both a time of apocalyptic war and a time when our world was secure and full of bright promise and plenty. We experienced both.

We grew up at the best possible time, a time when the world was getting better not worse. “We are the last ones!"
                                                          ~   Author unknown


Tastefully Offensive”  Contributed by Bob Graham 
(I just hope I can walk & talk at 84)

Ok, I Give Up - How Does He Do This?” Contributed by Kathy (Lanstyak) Sheffield  (I love this stuff...but, how?)

Uptown Funk You Up - 66 Years Ago”  Contributed Ted Dumke 
(You will love this music/dancing!)

Go Figure This One”  Contributed by Charlene (Wiper) Swenson
(Watch closely and you might figure this out.)

Lifespan Calculator”  Contributed by Ted Dumke  (Very interesting!)

Did They Really Put This On The Air?”  Contributed by Bruce Ahlvin 
(Yes, they did, not XXX - just looks that way!)

William Tell Overture & Glen Campbell”  Contributed by Linda (Wanke) Rapp
(Truly some great entertainment!)

Black & White”  Contributed by Charlene (Wiper) Swenson 
(I want one of those, Alan - what do you think?)

“Benefit Concert for Hope Counseling Services, Petaluma”
Contributed by Bruce Ahlvin

*If you live around Petaluma, see if you can make it there; if not, maybe send a donation? I have had the chance to hear this group - they are Outstanding. Bruce sings and plays the guitar!  Support our Classmate, great cause. Thank You, Bob


Never Quit”  Contributed by Bob Graham  (Wow, this brings back some memories!@#$%><*?/)

Putting On The Ritz”  Contributed by Ted Dumke  (This will get your body moving - great smiles!)

“Mental Fitness Evaluation”
Contributed by Ted Dumke
(Giraffe, elephant, lion, crocodile...too many mistakes...I  got eaten by the crocodile
- have fun & smile, Bob!)


This test is to  ascertain your mental state now.  If you get one right you are doing OK.  There are 4 test questions.  Don’t miss one.

Giraffe  Test:
1. How  do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?  Stop and think about it and decide on your answer before you scroll down.
The correct answer: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe, and close the door.
This question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated  way.

Elephant Test:
2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?  Did you say “Open the refrigerator, put in the elephant, and close the refrigerator?”
Wrong Answer!

Correct Answer: Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and close the door.

This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your previous actions.

Lion King Test:

3. The Lion King is hosting an Animal Conference.  All the animals attend...except one.  Which animal does not attend? 
Correct Answer: The Elephant.  The elephant is in the refrigerator.  You just put him in there.
This tests your memory.  Okay, even if you did not answer the first three questions correctly, you still have one more chance to show your true abilities.

Crocodile Test:

4. There is a river you must cross, but it is used by crocodiles, and you do not have a boat.  How do you manage it?
Correct Answer: You jump into the river and swim across.  Haven’t you been listening?  All the crocodiles are attending the Animal Conference.
This tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes.

According to Anderson Consulting Worldwide, around 90% of the Retirees they tested got all questions wrong, but many preschoolers got several correct answers.  Anderson Consulting says this conclusively proves the theory that most Retirees do not have the brains of a four-year-old.

Petition For {Mandatory Euthanasia} For Senior Citizens Under Obama Care!”
Contributed by Those Who Will Sign Anything  
(Really, are these “people” for real?)

Uptown Funk Superheroes”  Contributed by Captain America AKA Gary Rocklage (Even if you don’t like them, I’ll bet your grandchildren...will!)

Everyone Needs A Hug”  Contributed by Ted Dumke
(A good hug will put a great smile on your face!)

Millennials - Some Thoughts”  Contributed by Bob Graham  (What do you think, listen to the words?)


JUNE (National Dairy Month) -


1:     Dare Day - Flip a Coin Day.
2:     National Bubba Day - National Rocky Road Day.
3:     National Doughnut Day - Repeat Day (I Said “Repeat Day”).
4:     Applesauce Cake Day - Hug Your Cat Day - Old Maid's Day.
5:     World Environment Day.
6:     National Gardening Exercise Day - National Yo-Yo Day.

7:     National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.
8:     Best Friends Day - Name Your Poison Day.
9:     Donald Duck Day.

11:     National Corn on the Cob Day.
12:     Red Rose Day.

13:     Sewing Machine Day.
14:     Flag Day - Monkey Around Day.
15:     Smile Power Day.
16:     Fresh Veggies Day.
17:     Eat Your Vegetables Day.
18:     Go Fishing Day - International Sushi Day - National “Hollerin” Contest Day - National Splurge Day - World Juggler's Day.

19:     Father's Day  - National Kissing Day - World Sauntering Day.
20:     Finally Summer Day - Ice Cream Soda Day.
21:     Go Skate Day - International Yoga Day.
22:     National Chocolate Eclair Day.
23:     National Columnists Day - National Pink Day.
24:     Swim a Lap Day - Take Your Dog to Work Day.
25:     Log Cabin Day - National Catfish Day.
26:     Beautician's Day - Forgiveness Day.
27:     Sun Glasses Day.
28:     Insurance Awareness Day - Paul Bunyan Day.
29:     Camera Day - Hug Holiday (finally “my” day) - International Mud Day - Waffle Iron Day.
30:     Meteor Day.


Another great month!  After reading the Classmate Editorial, you all are sustaining the “Fired Up” Attitude!  In the July Issue of the Keep Your Fork...’64 the Winner of the “Who Said That...Movie Version” will be identified and we will start up another contest for July through December.

Also, we need to get rolling on the “Bucket List!”  I didn’t get that assistance I needed to protect me from bringing up some of the “Goofy” things I have done.  I know that you are asking yourselves...”why would he do something like that?”  Well, sometimes you have to be a little “Goofy” to survive. Any others ready to share their “Goofiness” and stand tall and help me?”  THANK YOU... I need some assistance from Classmates, Family, Friends, Someone!  




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