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NEWSLETTER #167                                                                                        MARCH  2018

“  What's Next for You?

Welcome to the month of March, but, before we dig into all your articles and topics of interest, we need to close out February.  When I was thinking about the top subjects /thoughts that stuck in my “brain bank” for February, I listed the following, in no specific order:

•      Shooting in Florida and other states, since January,  2018.
•      Weather Across the Country - 29 degrees In LV In late February. 
•      Valentine’s Day and what you did with your Loved Ones.
•      Starting to prepare your Tax Returns.
•      The Winter Olympics in South Korea.
•      The situation in North Korea and it’s affect on the world.
•      The Russians did “it,” but who else was involved?
•      Politics, however you look at it - Congress needs to get to work in a “Bipartisan Venue” - for all of their respective constituents.
•      Getting ready for a spring vacation (your mind & body), so you don’t wear out too fast.
•      A “need” to change your daily routine, so you are not in a “Ground Hog Day” - over and over and over, again and again; day in and day out.  
•      We are all getting older - how did that happen so fast?  It only seems like yesterday... and graduation from Aragon High School.

                                            “What’s Next For You?”

                                                     H.H.&L, Bob

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Still remains strong with Classmates needing to stay in contact with their Classmates from Aragon Class Of 1964. Many requests for information, pretty much being asked for and about, almost every day.

♦    “Who Said That?- Movie Quote Addition” (WST - MQA):
Still Remains On The Top -  More Classmates are playing each have nothing to lose and $100.00 to gain....give it a try, I’m sure you will enjoy playing.
      • February’s Quote: “Sex without love is an empty experience.”
         “Yes, but as empty experiences go, it’s one of the best.”
      • February’s Answer:  “Love & Death with Woody Allen” 
         Winner: Gary Rocklage (
6:04 PM / 1 February 2018)

      • March’s Quote: “Say! One of you guys know how to Madison?”
        Answer with the title of movie and actor(s) name(s) required.

♦    “The Bucket List (B/L) Challenge*:” - Remains in a deep sleep, just waiting to jump out of the TV chair/couch and do something you have wanted to do for decades. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I must say - we are kind of running out of time, so let’s get to it before we run out of time. I’m right here with you!

       In next month’s (April) Newsletter the B/L will have a “Lost and Found” Classmate of ‘64 to let you know what’s been going on since Graduation... I’m pretty sure you will enjoy the story and adventures of our Classmate.

Another thought is to take the monthly “Newsletter on the Road”.  ‘Still working on the logistics of that one!@#$%>?

                                             “WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU?”  
                                                           H.H.&L, Bob



Okay, okay, now is the time to get to your Articles and see what is happening in your neck of the woods and the things you want to know about or reflect upon.

I’m not much of a “Face Book” individual, but when I got introduced to Mike Rowe and his “Pod Cast” show - “Returning The Favor” by Peggy; I stopped what I was doing and watched two individuals...”Paying It Forward.”

I know that if you just take the time to watch how these two
individuals are making a “difference in their respective communities.” Let me first introduce you to these two men, that gave a damn and are making a big difference in their Communities, but also throughout the United States.

“Get Focused” (Books for Exercise) created by Golden Martinez (NY) and “Sleep In Heavenly Peace” (Bunks for Kids) created by Luke Mickelson (ID).

Take a chance on this one, I’m steering you straight; and I’m sure you will enjoy what you see and hear; you may even come up with your own ideas to assist in making your Communities even better...who knows?

Returning The Favor”   #1  Contributed by Bob Graham
(Series by Mike Rowe)  If you can’t get this off your computer,
please go to your “face book page and use it” to season #2 to find Golden & Luke) – ENJOY! “Come Fly with Me...S/W Airlines”   #2  Contributed by Stevie Graham  (Of only all flights were like this!)

JROTC Cadet Prepared to Stop Shooter in Florida”  #3
Contributed by Parkland High School – JROTC  (Listen to this young man!)  “Home Free - It Looks Good”   #4   Contributed by Bruce Ahlvin   (Great group!)  “Thank God I’m A Country Boy”  #5   Contributed by John Denver (Great song with the home free crew; is that Bruce singing?)  “Don’t Hire A Hit Man”   #6  Contributed by Jeanne Robertson  (With assistance from Linda (Wanke) Rapp]  “Check This VW Out”   #7   Contributed by Charlenne (Wiper) Swenson   (Where was this VW when I was first able to drive?)  “Everything Will Be Okay”  #8  Contributed by Bob & Peggy Graham
(all I want to do, is be with you...I think that guy looks like Bruce) “God Bless The USA”  #9   Contributed by Home Free
(Stevie graham - I love this song)
“Honor to the Soldier and Sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his Country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother/sister in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.”  “Greatest Trick Plays In Football History”   #10   Contributed by Gary Rocklage     (Why didn’t we have these plays?)  “Military Brother Surprises Little Sister”  #11   Contributed by Mike Graham   (I actually did this to stevie - great day!)


“A Good Dog Doesn’t Really Die”        #12
Contributed by Edward Dumke
(Makes sense to me and I feel the same way!)

A good dog doesn’t really die, 
they stay in your mind like the spirit
they used to show you, walking beside
you on all those gentle days, 

All the winding down of the nights,
their paw on you, head on your chest or lap,
within your hand in their unique way.
If your mother was a nurturer, endorsing,
including, caring, then you will care as well.

That connection elides in such grace
when the born best friend humans have,
reaches their appointed time.
You will miss them both with a strange
intensity, as you would a beloved child.


Old People and Pride”   #13   Contributed by Gary Rocklage
(Pride will win out every time.)
   Great Video of a Past Super Bowl  #14  Contributed by Edward Dumke   (Truly added to the super bowl - great presence!)  “Cop Video - If They Talked Like Pilots”  #15  Contributed by Gary Rocklage   (You will enjoy this one!)

50 Great, Rare Historical Photos”   #16   Contributed by Edward Dumke   (Some very special, rare photos.)  “The Eagles - Seven Bridges”  #17   Contributed by  Kathy (Lanstyak) Sheffield   (Hope you like it!)  “Laurel & Hardy Playing Pool”   #18  Contributed by Mike Graham  (Lots of action - 2 of the best!)


“YOU Created US”   #19   Contributed by a Classmate
(Something to think about - interesting read!)

I  haven't  said  too much  about  this  election since the start . . . but, this is how I feel . . .  I'm noticing that a lot of people aren't graciously accepting the fact that their candidate lost.  In fact you seem to be posting even more hateful things about
those who voted for Trump.
Some are apparently “triggered" because they are posting how "sick" you feel about the results.
How did this happen you ask?  Well here is how it happened!  You created "us" when you attacked our freedom of speech.
You created "us" when you attacked our right to bear arms.

You created "us" when you attacked our Christian beliefs .
You created "us" when you constantly referred to us as racists.
You created "us" when you constantly called us xenophobic .

You created "us" when you told us to get on board or get out of the way .
You created "us" when you attacked our flag.
You created "us" when you took God out of our schools.
You created "us" when you confused women's rights with feminism.
You created "us" when you began to emasculate men.
You created "us" when you decided to make our children soft.
You created "us" when you decided to vote for progressive ideals.
You created "us" when you attacked our way of life.

You created "us" when you decided to let our government get out of control .
You created "us" -  the silent majority.
You created "us" when you began murdering innocent law enforcement officers .
You created "us" when you lied and said we could keep our insurance plans and our doctors.
You created "us" when you allowed our jobs to continue to leave our country.
You created "us" when you took a knee, or stayed seated or didn't remove your hat during our National Anthem.
You created "us" when you forced us to buy healthcare and then financially penalized us for not participating.

And we became fed up and we pushed back and spoke up and we did it with ballots, not bullets.
With ballots, not riots.
With ballots, not looting.
With ballots, not blocking traffic.
With ballots, not fires, except the one you started inside of "us.”

 “YOU " created “US”. It really is just that simple.


And Here Is Your Return Flight”  #20   Contributed by Bob Graham
(Left on an outbound flight and now returning home, until we depart again with the April Newsletter of K.Y.F...’64)





1. National Pig Day - Peanut Butter Lovers' Day.
2. Old Stuff Day - Employee Appreciation Day - World Day of Prayer.
3. Caregiver Appreciation Day - I Want You to be Happy Day -  If Pets Had Thumbs Day - National Anthem Day.
4. Hug a GI Day - Holy Experiment Day.
5. Multiple Personality Day.
6. Dentist's Day - National Frozen Food Day.
7. National Crown Roast of Pork Day.
8. Be Nasty Day - Popcorn Lover's Day.
9. Panic Day.
10. Middle Name Pride Day.
11. Johnny Appleseed Day - Worship of Tools Day.
12. Plant a Flower Day - Girl Scouts Day.
13. Ear Muff Day - Jewel Day.
14. National Potato Chip Day - National Pi Day.
15. Dumbstruck Day - Everything You Think is Wrong Day - Ides of March.
16. Everything You Do is Right Day - Incredible Kid Day.
17. Corned Beef & Cabbage Day - St.Patrick's Day - Submarine Day.
18. Supreme Sacrifice Day - Goddess of Fertility Day.
19. Poultry Day.
20. International Earth Day - Extraterrestrial Abductions Day - Proposal Day - Spring (Vernal) Equinox.
21. Fragrance Day - Credit Card Reduction Day.
22. National Goof Off Day.
23. National Chip and Dip Day - National Puppy Day - Near Miss Day.
24. National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day.
25. Feast of the Assumption - Palm Sunday - Waffle Day.
26. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day - National Spinach Day.
27. National "Joe" Day.
28. Something on a Stick Day.
29. National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day - Smoke and Mirrors Day.
30. Good
Friday - National Doctor's Day - Passover begins at sundown - Take a Walk in the Park Day - I am in Control Day.
31. National Clam on the Half Shell Day - World Backup Day - Bunsen Burner Day.


Once again Thank You for all your assistance with the Articles and Subject Matter Material you want to share or to know more about. The Aragon Class of 1964 remains strong and determined to stay in contact.   

                                                             H.H.&L, Bob



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