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NEWSLETTER #174                                                                                   October  2018

“Almost Time for the Mid-Terms” 

Before We Jump In On October - Let’s start off with

Something to Make You Smile   #1  Contributed by Honor Graham & Gary Rocklage   [You know if you smile and feel good for just a short time it becomes contagious and all around you will have a smile on too!]

Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue”   #2  Contributed by All Who Love This Country  [Thank you Toby Keith!  (If you don’t love this Country, look around, you won’t find any better place in this world!]

“Sometimes The Truth Hurts or Hits Too Close To Home”  #3
Contributed by a Classmate  [Posters for you.]

And Never Forget Those Who Gave All!”   #4  
Contributed by A Marine    [Marine Cpl. Jonathan Is Escorted Back Home; view the entire video and I will guarantee you will feel the grief that this young Marine’s family feels. Know that this is going on all around the world daily; and no Family wants to see our Flag drapped on a coffin of a family member.]

“Words With The Classmates:”    #5  Contributed by Numerous Classmates 

Obama’s Vanishing Legacy:   Obama’s legacy has already been destroyed.

•        The Iran deal: terminated. 
•        The Obamacare individual mandate: erased. 
•        The Paris climate agreement: torn up. 
•        Trans-Pacific Partnership: withdrawn. 
•        The war on coal: ended.
•        Appeasing our enemies: over.
•        Balance of the Supreme Court: restored. 
•        Obama’s anti-constitution, anti-freedom, anti-West          “fundamental transformation” of America being reversed.
•        Amazing what a year and a half under confident,   unapologetically pro-American leadership can do to settings        right. The impulse to bow has been expunged. 
•        No more leading from behind,” “strategic patience,” or “strategic       restraint” on the battlefield.
•        ISIS is being obliterated. Appeasement has been replaced by          strength abroad, prosperity at home.
•        The U.S. Embassy was moved to Jerusalem, NAFTA is being renegotiated, DACA phased out, Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines greenlighted, onerous fuel emissions  standards relaxed, federal regulations rolled back to unleash the economic dynamism of a free people. Illegal immigration and sanctuary cities are finally being fought as the rule of law returns and the infiltration of terror, gangs, and drugs slows. 
•        Insistence on genuine denuclearization of North Korea and Iran is U.S. policy. Tax cuts, tax reform, are producing an economic    boom. Despite the recent Senate vote, so-called “net neutrality,” government control of the internet, is over.
•        Each one of these erasures of Obama policies brought shrieks of “Armageddon now!” 
•        But the apocalypse did not ensue. in fact, as no less a   Democrat pol than former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle on 5/12/18: “Like it or not,  a significant number of Americans are actually happy these days. 
•        They are making money. They feel safe, and they agree with the President’s protectionist trade policies, his call for more   American jobs, even his immigration stance.”
•        The truth is, Obama’s legacy was built on sand. It could not be         overturned in a year and a half if it were real. Obama’s legacy were anchored in the will of the American People, President Trump could not send it into the wind. If Obama’s policies were so popular, Hillary Clinton would have been elected.
•        But Obama was doing great damage to this country, so being able to reverse his legacy is a great achievement.  This ought   to tell you liberals, you do not yet control hearts and minds of a majority of the American People, or Obama’s legacy would         have stood the test of time. 
•        As it is, Barack Obama’s only lasting legacy is: Donald Trump!
•        He who lived by the pen and the phone - faded away by the pen and the phone. 
•        I hoped he’d fail.  And fail he did!  To the everlasting benefit of the United States of America.

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l       “Connections And Re-connections” (C/R)
Still remains in the #1 position...Extremely Strong during the Summer Months. Standing by and ready to assist you in Reconnecting with Classmates around the world. 

l       “Who Said That - Movie Quote Addition” (WST - MQA): - Remains in a solid second position. Every month more Classmates are joining in, now is the time to stay in the game. 
          SEPTEMBER’S Quote: "Intelligent creature. But then, so were your mother and father." - "Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama...”
*GARY ROCKLAGE in with the correct answers:  Wednesday, 5 September at 2:36 PM  (RICARDO MONTAIBAN (ARMONDO)
                                      OCTOBER’S QUOTE:
"You mean to say that those people know ahead of time when they're gonna die?" - "That's right." - "Oh, that's silly. What's the reason for that?" - "That's the way things are - the way things have always been." - "Yeah, it takes all the fun out of dying." 

                   Submit the Title of Movie and Actors Names !


“Many Were Never Welcomed Home!”  #6  Contributed by One, For Many
“Welcome Home Old/Young Troops - Welcome Home!” - just take a moment to feel what these Families are feeling, if you never had the experience)

“The Enemy Amongst us”    #7  
Contributed by a Classmate
[Written by one of the best - Charles Krauthammer - RIP, SIR - 
March 6, 2018 - An article from the New York Post]

I do not understand how living in a country with its democracy established over 200 years ago, and now, for the first time in history, suddenly we have one of our former presidents set up a group called “Organizing for Action” (OFA).

OFA is 30,000+ strong and working to disrupt everything that our current president’s administration is trying to do.

This organization goes against our Democracy, and it is an operation that will destroy our way of governing. It goes against our Constitution, our laws, and the processes established over 200 years ago. If it is allowed to proceed then we will be living in chaos very much like third world countries are run. What good is it to have an established government if it is not going to be respected and allowed to follow our laws?

If you had an army some 30,000 strong and a court system stacked over the decades with judges who would allow you to break the laws, how much damage could you do to a country? We are about to find out in America!

Our ex-president said he was going to stay involved through community organizing and speak out on the issues and that appears to be one post-administration promise he intends to keep. He has moved many of his administration’s top dogs over to Organizing for Action.

OFA is behind the strategic and tactical implementation of the resistance to the Trump Administration that we are seeing across America, and politically active courts are providing the leverage for this revolution.

OFA is dedicated to organizing communities for “progressive” change... Its issues are gun control, socialist healthcare, abortion, sexual equality, climate change, and of course, immigration reform.

OFA members were propped up by the ex-president’s message from the shadows: “Organizing is the building block of everything great we have accomplished Organizers around the country are fighting for change in their communities and OFA is one of the groups on the front lines. Commit to this work in 2017 and beyond.” OFA’s website says it obtained its “digital” assets from the ex-president’s re-election effort and that he inspired the movement. In short, it is the shadow government organization aimed at resisting and tearing down the Constitutional Republic we know as AMERICA.

Paul Sperry, writing for the New York Post, says, “The OFA will fight President Donald Trump at every turn of his presidency and the ex-president will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.”  Sperry writes that, “The ex-president is setting up a shadow government to sabotage the Trump administration through a network of non-profits led by OFA, which is growing its war chest (more than $40 million) and has some 250 offices nationwide.

The OFA IRS filings, according to Sperry, indicate that the OFA has 32,525 (and growing) volunteers nationwide. The ex-president and his ‘wife’ will oversee the operation from their home/office in Washington DC.

Think about how this works. For example: Trump issues an immigration executive order; the OFA signals for protests and statements from pro-immigrant groups; the ACLU lawyers file lawsuits in jurisdictions where activist judges obstruct the laws; volunteers are called to protest at airports and Congressional town hall meetings; the leftist media springs to action in support of these activities; the twitter sphere lights up with social media; and violence follows. All of this happens from the ex-president’s signal that he is heartened by the protests.

If Barack Obama did not do enough to destroy this country in the 8 years he was in office, it appears his future plans are to destroy the foundation on which this country has operated on for the last 241 years.

If this does not scare you, then we are in worse trouble than you know.

So, do your part...You have read it, so at least pass this on so others will know what we are up against. We are losing our country and we are so compliant. We are becoming a “PERFECT TARGET” for our enemy!

“Let’s Take A Break From The Politics”   #8  
Contributed by The Lighter Side 
[Enjoy the break & let’s get back to reality - of the real people around us and what else is going on - you will cry and you will smile and YOU WILL FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE SEEN AND HEARD!)

“Father’s Day Gift”       
“Homeless German Shepherd Cries Like a Human”
“Howl Of A Dog”
“Mastiff Saved” by L.A. Fire Department
“George & Bella” - Best Day Ever!

Animal Reunions - 7 Of The Best”    #9
Contributed by Many Animal Loving Classmates   [EVERYONE SHOULD ENJOY THIS ONE!]

“No Trick or Treat Here”   #10
Contributed by A Classmate
[Some changes are really good!]

On Friday, 27 July 2018 the Trump administration released their annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel. It includes the name, status, salary and position title of all #377 White House employees.  The report also said that Trump decided not to take a dime of his salary; instead he donated it to an amazing cause! See below.

The report also showed that President Trump is far better at saving money than Obama was. The total annual White House salaries under Trump are $35.8 million vs. $60.9 million under Obama, a savings of $25.1 million. Here are some other key findings:

There are 140 fewer employees on White House staff under Trump than under Obama at this point in their respective Presidencies.

Thirty-nine fewer staffers are also dedicated to The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS). Currently, there are only five staffers dedicated to Melania Trump vs. forty-four staffers who served Michelle Obama.

However, it's what the report said Trump did with this salary that has “everyone talking... [certainly] not the Press!”

Instead of taking his salary, Trump donated all $400,000 to the Department of the Interior where it will be used for “construction and repair needs at military cemeteries!”  AMAZING!  It's so great to have a President who loves our brave military men and women so much!

Oh, and where's the media coverage of this?  That's right, they don't cover anything decent that the President does... BUT WE WILL!


An Election Night To Remember”   #11
Contributed by A Classmate
[It was such a joy and so much fun to watch these spots again. I watched them over and over entertaining a warm glow in my heart and a satisfying smile. I want to share these wonderful moments with you my dear friends. They will be treasured always.]

“The #10 Most Destructive Americans of My Seven+  Decades”     #12
Contributed by A Classmate
[Once again another good read by Frank Hawkins!]

Frank Hawkins is a former US Army intelligence officer, Associated Press foreign correspondent, international businessman, senior newspaper company executive, founder and owner of several marketing companies and published novelist. He is currently retired in North Carolina.

America has undergone enormous change during the nearly eight decades of my life. Today, America is a bitterly divided, poorly educated and morally fragile society with so-called mainstream politicians pushing cynical identity politics, socialism and open borders. The president of the United States is threatened with impeachment because the other side doesn’t like him. The once reasonably unbiased American media has evolved into a hysterical left wing mob. How could the stable and reasonably cohesive America of the 1950s have reached this point in just one lifetime? Who are the main culprits? Here’s my list of the 10 most destructive Americans of the last 80 years.

10) Mark Felt – Deputy director of the FBI, aka “Deep Throat” during the Watergate scandal. This was the first public instance of a senior FBI officially directly interfering in America’s political affairs. Forerunner of James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe.

9) Bill Ayers – Represents the deep and ongoing leftist ideological damage to our education system. An unrepentant American terrorist who evaded punishment, he devoted his career to radicalizing American education and pushing leftist causes. Ghost wrote Obama’s book, “Dreams of My Father.”

8) Teddy Kennedy – Most folks remember Teddy as the guy who left Mary Joe Kopechne to die in his car at Chappaquiddick. The real damage came after he avoided punishment for her death and became a major Democrat force in the US Senate, pushing through transformative liberal policies in health care and education.  The real damage was the 1965 Hart-Cellar immigration bill he pushed hard for that changed the quota system to increase the flow of third world people without skills into the US and essentially ended large-scale immigration from Europe.

7) Walter Cronkite – Cronkite was a much beloved network anchor who began the politicization of America’s news media with his infamous broadcast from Vietnam that described the Tet Offensive as a major victory for the Communists and significantly turned the gullible American public against the Vietnam War. In fact, the Tet offensive was a military disaster for the NVA and Viet Cong, later admitted by North Vietnamese military leaders. Decades later Cronkite admitted he got the story wrong. But it was too late.  The damage was done.

6) Bill and Hillary Clinton - It’s difficult to separate Team Clinton. Bill’s presidency was largely benign as he was a relative fiscal conservative who rode the remaining benefits of the Reagan era. But his sexual exploits badly stained the Oval Office and negatively affected America’s perception of the presidency. In exchange for financial support, he facilitated the transfer of sensitive military technology to the Chinese.  Hillary, a Saul Alinsky acolyte, is one of the most vicious politicians of my lifetime, covering up Bill’s sexual assaults by harassing and insulting the exploited women and peddling influence around the globe in exchange for funds for the corrupt Clinton Foundation. She signed off on the sale of 20% of the US uranium reserve to the Russians after Bill received a $500,000 speaking fee in Moscow and the foundation (which supported the Clinton’s regal lifestyle) received hundreds of millions of dollars from those who benefited from the deal.  Between them, they killed any honor that might have existed in the dark halls of DC.

5) Valerie Jarrett - The Rasputin of the Obama administration.  A Red Diaper baby, her father, maternal grandfather and father-in-law (Vernon Jarrett who was a close friend and ally of Obama mentor Frank Marshall Davis) were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government. She has been in Obama’s ear for his entire political career pushing a strong anti-American, Islamist, anti-Israeli, socialist/communist, cling-to-power agenda.

4) Jimmy Carter  - Carter ignited modern day radical Islam by abandoning the Shah and paving the way for Ayatollah Khomeini to take power in Tehran. Iran subsequently became the main state sponsor and promoter of international Islamic terrorism.  When Islamists took over our embassy in Tehran, Carter was too weak to effectively respond thus strengthening the rule of the radical Islamic mullahs.

3) Lyndon Johnson – Johnson turned the Vietnam conflict into a major war for America. It could have ended early if he had listened to the generals instead of automaker Robert McNamara. The ultimate result was: 1) 58,000 American military deaths and collaterally tens of thousands of American lives damaged; and 2) a war that badly divided America and created left wing groups that evaded the draft and eventually gained control of our education system.  Even worse, his so-called War on Poverty led to the destruction of American black families with a significant escalation of welfare and policies designed to keep poor families dependent on the government (and voting Democrat) for their well-being. He deliberately created a racial holocaust that is still burning today. A strong case could be made for putting him at the top of this list.            

2) Barack Hussein Obama - Obama set up America for a final defeat and stealth conversion from a free market society to socialism/communism. As we get deeper into the Trump presidency, we learn more each day about how Obama politicized and compromised key government agencies, most prominently the FBI, the CIA and the IRS, thus thoroughly shaking the public’s confidence in the federal government to be fair and unbiased in its activities. He significantly set back race and other relations between Americans by stoking black grievances and pushing radical identity politics. Obama’s open support for the Iranian mullahs and his apologetic “lead from behind” foreign policy seriously weakened America abroad. His blatant attempt to interfere in Israel’s election trying to unseat Netanyahu is one of the most shameful things ever done by an American president.

1) John Kerry – Some readers will likely say Kerry does not deserve to be number one on this list. I have him here because I regard him as the most despicable American who ever lived.  After his three faked Purple Hearts during his cowardly service in Vietnam, he was able to leave the US Navy early. As a reserve naval officer and in clear violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, he traveled to Paris and met privately with the NVA and the Viet Cong. He returned to the United States parroting the Soviet party line about the war and testified before Congress comparing American soldiers to the hordes of Genghis Khan. It was a clear case of treason, giving aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war. We got a second bite of the bitter Kerry apple when as Obama’s secretary of state, he fell into bed with the Iranian (“Death to America”) mullahs giving them the ultimate green light to develop nuclear weapons along with billions of dollars that further supported their terrorist activities. Only the Heroic Swift Boat Vets saved us from a Manchurian Candidate Kerry presidency. Ultimately we got Obama.

Dishonorable Mentions! (Just missed the list)

John Brennan –Obama’s CIA director who once voted for Communist Gus Hall for president.  A key member of the Deep State who severely politicized the CIA. Called President Trump treasonous for meeting with the president of Russia.

Jane Fonda – movie actress who made the infamous trip to Vietnam during the war in support of the Communists.  She represents hard left Hollywood that has done so much damage to our culture.

Jimmy Hendrix and Janice Joplin – Both revered entertainers helped usher in the prevailing drug culture and personally suffered the consequences.  Karma’s a bitch.

Robert Johnson /BET – Helped popularize ho’s, bitches and pimps while making millions on great hits such as “Jigga my Nigga”, “Big Pimpin’”, “Niggas in Paris” and “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.”   Many scholars within the African American community maintain that BET perpetuates and justifies racism by adopting the stereotypes held about African Americans, affecting the psyche of young viewers through the bombardment of negative images of African Americans. Who can disagree?

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr./The New York Times – Once the gold standard of American journalism, the paper always had a liberal tilt and occasionally made bad mistakes.  As the years have gone along, the paper has slid further and further left and today is virtually the primary propaganda arm of the increasingly radical Democrat Party.  Still retains influence in Washington and New York.

George Soros – Jewish former Nazi collaborator in his native Hungary who as a self-made billionaire has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into left wing groups and causes.  The damage he has caused is difficult to measure, but it’s certainly large.  He has funded much of the effort to kill the Trump presidency.

Frank Marshall Davis - Anti-white, black Bolshevik, card-carrying Soviet agent.   Probable birth father and admitted primary mentor of young Barack Hussein Obama.

Frank Hawkins is a former US Army intelligence officer, Associated Press foreign correspondent, international businessman, senior newspaper company executive, founder and owner of several marketing companies and published novelist. He is currently retired in North Carolina.               

San Francisco In All It’s Glory”   #13
Contributed by Bob Graham    
[How beautiful it was!   Did this guy, talk the truth?   Someone let me know please - thank you.)

Maxine Waters and Her Video”   #14
Contributed by A Classmate
[Listen to what the reporter had to say!]
"This Is Why We Are Free & Live In This Great Country”   #15
Contributed by A Few Veterans, For All Veterans
[Thank you for all who have served and those still serving!]
“Political Neutrality”   @1 and @2     #16     Contributed by A Classmate
(Why Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Maintain Political Neutrality? – [Very interesting and something I was not aware of.]

"Puns For Educated Minds!”    #17
Contributed by Bruce Ahlvin
[Try a few - keep those minds working!]

111.  The fattest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference.   He acquired his size from too much pi.   
2.    I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned
out to be an optical Aleutian.
3.  She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still.
4.  A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class, because it was a weapon of math disruption.
5.  No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery.
6.  A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.
7.  A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart.a
8.  Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.  
9.  A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking into it.

10.   Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

11.   Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

12.   Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to the other: 'You stay here; I'll go on a head.'

13.   I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.

14.   A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center said: 'Keep off the Grass.'

15.   The midget fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.

16.   The soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran.

17.   A backward poet writes inverse.

18.   In a democracy it's your vote that counts. In feudalism it's your
count that votes.

19.   When cannibals ate a missionary, they got a taste of religion.

20.   If you jumped off the bridge in Paris , you'd be in Seine .

21.   A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at him and says, 'I'm sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger.'

22.   Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One turns to the other and says 'Dam Dam!'

23.   Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, so they lit a fire in
the craft. Unsurprisingly it sank, proving once again that you can't have your kayak and heat it too.

24.   Two hydrogen atoms meet. One says, 'I've lost my electron.' The other says 'Are you sure?' The first replies, 'Yes, I'm positive.'

25.   Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root canal?  His goal: transcend dental medication.

26.   There was the person who sent ten puns to friends, with the
hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh. No pun in ten did.


“Rodent Removal Date”   #18  
Contributed by A Classmate
[In this crazy political season I decided a little religion would be appropriate so here is a short Bible study!]

Remember what Jesus said: 'Goats on the left, sheep on the right.'  (Matthew 25:33).

Jesus also told Peter that if he wanted to catch fish do it from the right side of the boat. They did and filled the boat with fish.

John  21:6 (NIV) ... He said, "Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some." When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish."

Origin of Left & Right...I have often wondered why it is that Conservatives are called the right" and Liberals are called the "left".

By chance I stumbled upon this verse in the Bible: Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV) - "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." Thus sayeth the Lord.  Amen. It surely can't get any simpler than that.

Spelling Lesson:

The last four letters in American..........I Can

The last four letters in Republican....... I Can

The last four letters in Democrats........ Rats

End of lesson! ...Test to follow on November 6, 2018.

Remember, November 2018 is to be set aside as rodent removal month.

Never grow a wishbone where a backbone ought to grow.

“A Senior’s Version of Facebook”   #19
Contributed by Bruce Ahlvin
[Funny, but as close to reality at this age as possible.]

For those of my generation who do not, and cannot, comprehend why Facebook exists: I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same principles. Therefore, every day I walk down the street and tell passers-by what I have eaten, how I feel at the moment, what I have done the night before, what I will do later and with whom. I give them pictures of my family, my dog and of me gardening, taking things apart in the garage, watering the lawn, standing in front of landmarks, driving around town, having lunch, and doing what anybody and everybody does every day. I also listen to their conversations, give them “thumbs up” and tell them I “like” them. And it works just like Facebook. I already have 4 people following me: 2 police officers, a private investigator and a psychiatrist.

The Smartest State In The USA...”    #20  Contributed by Edward Dumke
[A very interesting article, check it out.]




1. International Day for the Elderly - World Vegetarian Day - National Homemade Cookies Day.
2. National Custodial Worker Day - Name Your Car Day.
3. National Boyfriends Day - Virus Appreciation Day - Techies Day.
4. National Golf Day - National Frappe Day.
5. Do Something Nice Day - World Smile Day - World Teacher's Day.
6. Come and Take it Day - Mad Hatter Day - Physician Assistant Day.
7. Bald and Free Day - Oktoberfest.
8. American Touch Tag Day - Columbus Day.
9. Curious Events Day - Fire Prevention Day - Moldy Cheese Day.
10. Emergency Nurses Day - Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day - National Angel Food Cake Day.
11. It's My Party Day.
12. Cookbook Launch Day - Moment of Frustration Day - National Gumbo Day.
13. International Skeptics Day.
14. Be Bald and Free Day - National Dessert Day.  
15. White Cane Safety Day.
16.  Bosses Day - Dictionary Day.
17. National Fossil Day - Wear Something Gaudy Day.
18. No Beard Day.
19. Evaluate Your Life Day.
20. Brandied Fruit Day.    
21. Babbling Day - Count Your Buttons Day - National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
22. National Nut Day.
23. National Mole Day - Tv Talk Show Host Day.
24. National Bologna Day - United Nations Day.
25. Punk for a Day Day - World Pasta Day.
26. Frankenstein Friday - National Mincemeat Day.
27. Make a Difference Day - National Tell a Story Day - Navy Day.
28. Plush Animal Lover's Day - Mother-In-Law Day.
29. Hermit Day - National Frankenstein Day.
30. National Candy Corn Day - Mischief Night.
31. Halloween - Carve a Pumpkin Day -  Increase Your Psychic Powers Day.   



Thank you for all the support on this one; for many this is a very tough one to write about. Thank you Classmates, family and friends of the Aragon Class of 1964.

Remember, Voting in this Country is a right, that in many Countries around the World, does not even exist!  So, with that being said... OBSERVE YOUR RIGHT AND GET OUT AND VOTE... FOR YOUR COUNTRY AND THE PERSON YOU WANT TO REPRESENT YOU in Congress. 

We will get together again in November; have a great October and keep supporting the “K.Y.F...’64 throughout the years.

Hooah & Hugs/Take Care, Bob 



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