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NEWSLETTER #184                                       OCTOBER 1,  2019


      Fifteen Years Ago the KEEP YOUR FORK (KYF) Newsletter was born.  It began thanks to Steve Hanleigh, (for the site), Bonita Beck, (his assistant for the editing and website management), and classmates contacting me with stories, jokes, classmate news, etc.  During this time frame we have had many laughs, renewed some great connections with other classmates, celebrated our 50th REUNION, and sadly the loss of many of our classmates... may they RIP.

      We are now at a crossroads attempting to continue the connections.  If  you choose to continue having a newsletter, (i.e.  monthly, quarterly or yearly), we need you to step up in the following ways:

        • Write an article about your life experiences, family, and accomplishments
           you want to share with Classmates;

        • Send Photos;
        • Tell us about your current classmate connections;
        • Tell us How you will continue to connect with your Aragon Classmates.

     Please submit all responses and contributions to
me at by November 1, 2019.  If we do not receive responses, the Keep Your Fork ’64 will end its publication on December 1, 2019.  THIS IS “YOUR” ARAGON, CLASS OF 1964 NEWSLETTER, not mine!  Do what you can to keep it going.  If you need any assistance, please contact me at the above email address.

      Submissions can look like mine below!  Find out about a possible move to West Virginia by the Graham Clan, how our dog “Honor America” beat death or which of the Classmates
that have spent some vacation time at the Bob & Peggy Bed & Breakfast throughout the last 15 years. 

Finally, what about those GET-TOGETHERS THAT WERE DISCUSSED IN THE SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER?   I am waiting for comments back on that suggestion!  Still at!

                                                     H.H.& L.,


Aragon Class of 1964 Updates

Update:  Craig Karpilow, MD

     Craig just returned from doing some medical volunteer work in rural Paraguay where there are many indigenous people and immigrants from Germany, (from 70 years ago).  Nice people needing lots of help.
     Due to the long flights and airport waiting, he was able to finish his 14th book on the Cruise Ship Crime Mystery Series, under his pen name of Paul Davis, MD; all available on Amazon and one at the British publisher Austin McCauley.

Update:  Gary Rocklage and Jim Esten…    Yankee Tea Please

      Gary Rocklege and Jim Esten, both class of ’64 and Harley Davidson enthusiasts have ridden together on several occasions in the past.  They have been to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Death Valley, and Yosemite to name a few of their favorite spots.  
In keeping with Bob’s suggestion for mini-reunions Jim flew to Atlanta and rented a Harley Tri-Glide (a trike) to meet up with Gary and do some East Coast touring.  Jim felt that the trike was a better fit for him following knee and hip replacement surgeries, (the Tri-Glide is becoming the Harley of choice for those in their 70’s).
      The five day adventure took them through Georgia and to Maggie Valley in North Carolina where they viewed some of the greenest and most beautiful country Jim had ever seen.  Gary lives in the woods in Georgia and has done the trip previously, but even he was impressed with the beauty of the Smokey Mountain area.  The two ate at local hole-in-the wall places to savor the feel of the area and the locals.  It was in one of these small restaurants, while ordering “un-sweetened” ice tea that the two learned that what they wanted was “Yankee tea.”  After a good laugh with the waitress they ordered “Yankee tea” from then on.
      The two had a wonderful time riding together again and reminiscing about previous rides and friends from the Aragon days.
… Jim Esten

       [Jim and I] did stay at a "Patel Motel" in Dawsonville the first night.  It has the honor of being where Clint Eastwood filmed some scenes for the movie "Trouble with the Curve".  I am SURE none of the crew or cast stayed there.  Ugh!!!
… Gary Rocklage

      The other photos are us on the Blue Ridge Parkway turn out near Maggie Valley, and a rear view mirror shot of Jim following me down the road. 



Update:  Bob Graham

This has been going on for about five years, (or maybe a little more), but like all Good Parents and Grand-Parents, we want to be close to our kids so we are still working on buying a home back in the Martinsburg, WV area. We have been back about a dozen times, but we are much closer to the move, every time we travel back to be with family. You know, this "growing older" doesn't help much. I'm really set in my ways after being here in Las Vegas, for almost 25 plus years! Peggy is ready to go at any time, so I think this could be the year.  Weather here is great! Weather there can be really nasty at times! West Virginia has Snow and the Humidity, which is almost none-existent here, but we do have a lot of triple digit weather, (especially in the summer time)!  Retired Military Taxes are close to being the same in both areas. Both places have everything we need except one thing - our Kids and Grand-Kids are there, not here.  So we shall see what happens, perhaps in the next few months!?

HOW OUR DOG- HONOR AMERICA:   Doberman #7, Honor, (in the Graham Doberman Family), BEAT DEATH.  Honor was very lucky, and us too!  While at Doggie District, (for short stay), she got "BLOAT" (that is a twisting of the organs in the stomach area). If a dog gets this, you have less than an hour to get them on the operating table with a Vet.  We quickly found a Surgeon that has done this operation before.  We were very lucky, Honor survived and so did we! "BLOAT" usually happens to big chested dogs as they are playing. It is rare to get and even more rare to survive. Honor is doing great and is back to her "old self" and so are we...   "No rainbow bridge yet!"

THE BOB & PEGGY BED & BREAKFAST:  Many of our Classmates that have been to Las Vegas have stayed with us at the Bob & Peggy Bed & Breakfast.  While they were here, they were licked by one of the 7 and became a friend for life with our Dobies also.   We’re not gone yet!   


University of Montana Homecoming 2016     UMHomecoming 2017  Jake & Honor in Las Vegas       
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