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NEWSLETTER #185                                       NOVEMBER 1,  2019

Class Contributions and open letters to & from Bob Graham


What do you have to say?  “THE VILLAGE PEOPLE!”  I always loved the Village People.  This is by far, my all time favorite! And I can’t stop dancing.

Since I only went to Aragon my senior year I really did not have the same connections as lots of the others had so I have not shared anything that happened to me over the years thinking that no one, or hardly anyone would even remember me for such a short period of time.

On the other hand it has always been something that I looked forward to hearing of those who shared their life stories and it would be a shame if this ended.  I do understand that time is very precious for everyone and the older you get it seems the time slips away quicker day by day so it has been a task of love by Bob and others to make the time to collect and edit what took place.  I really applaud all of the people who took time to put this together and especially for those who shared another aspect of Dons’ life after high school.

William Leffler
Lefco, Inc., 1650 Las Plumas Ave., Ste G, San Jose, CA 95133
(tel) 408-729-4800     (fax) 408-729-1489


Hi Bob, 

Great getting newsletter, which for some reason stopped arriving in my email box for a few months.  That’s great news about your move and I am sure your family is so excited.  Bob and I keep saying we need to downsize…easier said than done.  Sue Pezzola and I continue to get together on a monthly basis.  We would love to help if there are any future get togethers, etc.  Am in touch with Bruce Ahlvin and Steve Hanleigh. 

Steve and I are still traveling quite bit and seem to travel to the same countries.  Kathie Briggs and I are still in constant touch and try to get together as often as possible.  Can’t believe we have been friends since [our] Freshman year.  In fact we just got back from the British Isles where I broke my wrist tripping over luggage in the dark on the way to airport.  Getting cast off next week….yay!  Talk about feeling stupid!  Bob and I are still traveling quite a bit and enjoying seeing new places.  Yikes where has the time gone?  Please give my best to Peggy and send my best wishes for a smooth move. 

Maybe we can get together for a farewell dinner before you leave…Let me know and I will be there.  I know Sue would be up for it and am sure Steve too!  Take care and again thanks for keeping the newsletter alive! 


DONNA (Chrys) PANTALEONI -  Calling In With New - CONTACT INFORMATION for the Data Base  - If you want to get in touch with her, just ask for info at  - that’s Bob Graham.



My gosh, 55 years ago. We didn't cross paths often at Aragon, however, I always thought well of you and respected you. You had quiet confidence and competence, magnified by your natural modesty.  It does not surprise me that you utilized and developed those qualities in your professional life. A perfect blend. Success and accomplishments!

As you take your farewell, may I say that as a veteran (5 years Navy, not active combat such as you have performed), I respect you and appreciate not only your accomplishments, but all the sacrifices your loved ones have made with you in support of all those hard years.

I wish you well, and familial joys, as you move to WV. You go to write and live your final chapters, in the presence and love of those most important to you.

Hoorah, my friend, and live well! And may our God bless you even more.

Jim Boyd
P.S. Oh, how I loved my Dobies, too!

Jim, GREAT hearing from you! Thank You so much for the very kind words! Thank You for your service in the Navy. As you know from being in the Service you pick up many traits that seem to "stick" with you for the rest of your life. In every position and location I was stationed, I had GREAT Men & Women with me to teach me everything I needed to know to keep troops alive and have the ability to go home after all missions and be with their "Families" who kept all things "right side up" while they fought to keep the "bad guys" as far from the United States as possible.

My wife, Peggy kept things squared away for 30 plus years and to this day, she continues to do the same in a Civilian Environment, but still connects with the Wives and Kids of our young Troops, serving all over the world...still "paying it forward for the future generations." I am so PROUD of her and both my Children"! They are what it is all about.

Jim, thanks again for the very kind words. I still, to this day, ask "why I came back and so, many lost their lives?"  Every day I try to be "all I can be" for those who gave the "Ultimate Sacrifice" and I will continue that mission, until We Meet Again.  I bless them all each and every day.

We have had 7 Dobies throughout the years and they too, have been my "helpers" each and every day. Once again, Thank You for the kind words and it was truly great hearing from you.

Take Care, Hooah & Hugs, Bob
PS:  Final decision on the move will be in the New Year, during the March/April time frame.

UPDATE:  LARRY GLENN - Your Time Has Arrived



Celebrating Lucy’s 17th Birthday. She is a Senior at Santa Rosa High School.   My family.  Mark Philpott with Lauren Karr George Philpott with my Granddaughter, Lucy and me.

I work one day a week at Sonoma Coast Visitor Center in Bodega Bay and love it. I live in Petaluma in a small apartment. My family lives in Santa Rosa. I write, go to films, spend time with friends, and more recently explore the artistic side of me.

I would love to hear from or about our classmates. I wish everyone well and treasure our Aragon memories.

Bonnie Costantini Philpott


TALK TO YOUR CLASSMATES:  I am a refugee from Calif’s worst fire in history.  I have written several stories about my experiences, and have written, in part, as a reference for all about dealing with utilities and catastrophes “THINGS THAT GO BUMP...”  stories follow!


UPDATE:   CRAIG KARPILOW, MD (If you have not seen prior!)

Craig just returned from doing some medical volunteer work in rural Paraguay.  [There are] Many indigenous people and immigrants from Germany, 70 years ago.  Nice people needing lots of help.  Because of the long flights and airport waiting, he was able to finish his 14th book on the Cruise Ship Crime Mystery Series, under his pen name Paul Davis MD; all available on Amazon and one at the British publisher Austin McCauley.


Hi Bob,

Hope all is well with you and Peggy. read the last newsletter asking for articles to help keep it alive. I enjoy reading the newsletter. So here we go some things about myself .

Since graduation:  I am married to Glenn McKeever.  We are both retired.  We have two beautiful granddaughters Kailee 17 and Lexi 14. Kailee will graduate in May and wants to be a nurse. She is class president and plays three sports, golf, basketball and track.  Lexi is a freshman and plays soccer. They keep us busy. 

Glenn is retired from 23 years in Marine Corp and 12 years of law enforcement. I am retired from 28 years with San Juan Unified School District. We are enjoying retirement. We live in Loomis Ca on three acres which keeps us very busy. We try to travel as much as we can. We go to Scottsdale every Feb/March for spring training following the Giants. We have been to Italy twice, England, Scotland and Austria. Many cruises, but the best one was September 2019 when we took a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest and then to Prague.  We will be going back to Austria in May and Scotland in August for the military tattoo.

I found Sandi Picone (Murray) on Facebook and discovered she lives in Granite Bay which is next to Loomis.  We have lunch once a month and talk about Aragon.  I am friends with Steve Hanleigh on Facebook.  I wish I was in contact with more of our classmates. 

I hope this will help you for a newsletter as I enjoy them.  If we get to Vegas any time soon we will contact you.  

Sue Pezzola McKeever



Hello Bob:

I brag about you to my family and friends for your faithful 15 years publishing our Aragon newsletter.  I know it has been real work and I appreciate your efforts very much.

On October 29th I depart for Israel and, would you believe, Turkey.  After returning, I will write an article for you before December 1st.

The amazing Midwest fall colors are about at their peak and it is finally time to test fire the snow blower.

Warm regards from the Motor City,

Bob Bjurman


Dear Bob, i was surprised to hear that as of Oct 17, you hadn't received any responses to your last call to action on Oct 1, which means no more newsletters starting Dec 1. So after 15 years it's totally over? You always seemed to have many items in each newsletter, but it has been drying up? 

   To me that seems drastic. i'm thinking maybe it could come out quarterly or every 4 months or semi-annually instead, or you could wait til you had enough articles to warrant a publication.

   i only have a few additions and a few corrections to the "in memory of..." section to contribute at this time.  i went thru the whole section with a fine tooth comb and here's what i found. i did retire a few years back from being an English teacher here in Thailand for 10 years and developed a keen eye for being really good at proof-reading. Here's what i want to add and correct in alphabetical order. 

Edit the following as you see fit. i'm okay with whatever you decide.

1. Diane Bernard: she was a cousin of one of my childhood friends who gave me this info on her and her twin brother Larry. Diane passed away on 11-27-08 from kidney failure and breast cancer. She was 62. She died in Suquamish, Washington in a convalescent home.

   Her twin brother Larry Bernard passed away on 12-21-14. He died in Gresham Multnomah, Oregon from a disease caused by dialysis and received a 1.2 million dollar settlement because of it. He was 68. With the money "Larry bought a beautiful large home in Oregon. His dream house in the country. It was big enough for his wife's son and his family to move in upstairs. It was a separate apt. upstairs. 2 bedroom 2 bath downstairs and 4 bedroom 3 baths upstairs, with a separate kitchen. A huge warehouse garage attached, even the garage had a full bathroom. It was beautiful. His wife and her family still live there. His wife got all the money when he died, she really earned it she took very good care of Larry."  Edit all this out if you want... 

2. David Fredericks was placed between the C's and D's, instead of in the F's. 

3. Edward Gary (not Gard) Dekker.

4. Noe (not Joe that was in the yearbook) Florez passed away on 10-05-16 due to complications from Agent Orange from his Army days in Vietnam. He was 70. We were best friends til i moved to Maui in '85. He worked at an auto battery shop in Redwood City for many years until he retired.

5. Jerry Hosking - he's listed but that's all. He died at UC Medical Center in SF in 1990. He was 44. He grew up on the same street as me and my mom cut his obituary out from the San Mateo Times and saved it for me and i still have it stored in our 64 yearbook. He was the executive vice president of Mike Harvey Auto Sales in Burlingame. He was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia in 1988. A drive to find a suitable bone-marrow donor was launched but he lost his battle with the cancer before they found one.

6. Bruce Langridge. i want to add the day he died in November 1989. it was the 29th. He died in Los Angeles from cancer at the age of 43, after living there for 5 years. He took lots of drama classes at Aragon and went to LA in hopes of becoming a Hollywood star but only ended up as the associate media director for Grey Advertising. i still have his obit stored in my 64 yearbook. 

7. Peter John Matheu should be above Richard Mazzoncini to keep it alphabetical.

8. same story here: Ron Santos is right in the middle of the R's instead of in the S's.

THAT'S IT. Nothing more nothing less.

So Bob, i gave you something at least to shed a glimmer of hope that all is not lost, but we'll just have to see what happens. i hope this is not to late... if it doesn't die, i'll try and come up with something personal for next time. i am in good health on my farm in the country in Thailand with my lovely wife and son who turned 8 three weeks ago. if anyone has any questions about Thailand, send them to me at 


Michael G

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