Aragon High School Class of 1964
Reunion Reactions!
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Well, THAT was fun!
Having allowed myself to sleep in late (for me, anyway) and having had my three cups of coffee, I wanted to write you all to say what a great job you all did with making the reunion a reality. I was really touched by how appreciative our classmates were at being put in touch with their old friends. I hope you all feel your hard work was amply rewarded by the warm glow of fellowship over the weekend. Personally, the reunion put me back in touch with the best man from my wedding, Rod Smith, for the first time in thirty years. (I was his best man, too, just two weeks previous to my wedding). Something (we can't even remember what) came between us back then, and, stupidly enough, neither of us wanted to make the first move to reconcile. Now we're back in touch, and I hope it will be for good. So, from my standpoint, I got back my effort tenfold.   ...
Again, a "well done" to you all and may we meet again soon.
Bill Wilson

Bravo! This was more fun than I could ever have dreamed of. You and the committee did a wonderful job of locating everyone and keeping us informed.
 Jim and Renee did a great job with the questionnaire and the prizes. Bonita is a jewel... treat her accordingly.
Even Allan, who didn't want to be there because he didn't know anyone, had a great time. And I've found some people that I will NOT lose touch with again!
Phoebe (Lewis) Farley  

Thanks for a Family Reunion that was second to none.  There were many of our Family members who put a lot of work and love into all that they did to make this a weekend of great memories, reconnections, and new connections.  Many thanks go out to Steve Hanleigh, Bonita (Steve's right and left hand lady), Nancy (Rosenberg) Bott, Steve (Mr. "7" X's) and Loretta Langston, Bill Wilson, Max (sorry Max, but Maxine just didn't sound right) (Broner) Bonnette, Paula Linden, Donna (Pantaleoni) Chrys, Linda (Wanke) Rapp, Patricia Hanen, Renee Esten, and all others that I may have forgotten.  No Jim I didn't forget you, just saved you for last---Jim Esten who was the M/C, or Ring Master, depending on your point of view.  Jim, you did an outstanding job as the family spokesman, and added that personal touch, with a lot of heart, that really makes the Class of 1964 that much more special.  Thank you all for memories and the good thoughts for the next get together (walkers, oxygen tanks, and drool cups optional).
     On a personal note I want to say how proud and sad I felt looking at the memorial.  Proud that I had a specific time in history to know these family members, but sad that I really didn't take the time to get to know some of them better. To Marilyn McGuire, thank you for sharing your Dad with all of us.  I can only speak for myself and tell you that during those Aragon Days, I felt like your brother, because your Dad was like a Father to me.  Many things that I have done and become are because of Coaches and Men such as your Dad.  Thanks for letting me share a small part of him.
     To all of you I didn't have a chance to talk to---let's do whatever it takes to make it to the next reunion or get on that e-mail keyboard.  To those of you that I got to talk with and share some of your last 40 years of memories/life during the weekend, let's stay in touch and not wait until the next
formal get together. 
     As a final note, I looked at a lot of "eyes" during the reunion.  Many things change throughout the years, but that Spirit of 1964 was shining bright and true in a majority, even if many where bloodshot, looking in different directions, and had that 2000 yard stare. 
     Good luck, good health, and thanks for memories that will forever be with me.

Bob and Pege Graham  
P.S.  Pege really isn't a member of the Aragon Class of 1964, but after the 20th, 25th, and 40th reunions she sure feels like one.
P.S.S.  Those of you that missed the reunion, but attended the 20th, there was no encore to the dancing undies, the Depends were too big this year and gravity was too strong the last 20 years.
Excellent, excellent event. Very classy and a life time memory. Thank you from all of us for your faithfulness, creativity, hard work and tenacity.
Even as I type, my photo name tag is being passed around my office and people are laughing like crazy. "Well Bob, I see you grew into your ears."
Their next questing is, "What's an Aragon??"
Warm regards from the Motor City,
Bob Bjurman

It's a great Tuesday morning!
Thank you so much for everything you did to make the 40th reunion run so smoothly. It was a wonderful experience to meet some of my fellow classmates after so many years. We really have gotten older--I'm not sure whether all of our aging has been graceful. But whatever the case, the experience was memorable...
Hope you're recovering after all the tons of work you put in. 
Have a great day,
Dave Hollingsworth

Thank you for all the effort you put into this event it was fabulous and we enjoyed seeing all who were able to make it ... at the Aragon tour.
Judy Wayne Soyster

Thanks Bonita, Jim and Steve to name only 3 of the many for the ball busting job this project took ... Hope the breakfast on Sunday was good and memories were still coming.
Take care,
 Harry Bobbitt


Greetings from Danna (Solmonson) Janatpour
Thank you so very much for all that you did to make the Aragon 40th Reunion a wonderful, memorable event. I was deeply touched by your generosity and good will.  What an experience it was to see all the people I grew up with from Baywood Grammar School through Aragon as seasoned adults! Little did we know that we had a privileged childhood, never wanting for a
plate of food, medical treatment, or love from our family. It is reassuring to know that my brothers and sisters of the 1964 graduate generation are ambassadors of compassion and reason.
Thank you, again.

...all I can say is one big THANK YOU, the whole experience was fantastic. I only wish there was more time, there were so many people that I didn't get the chance to talk to, God willing I will get to talk to everyone at the 45th! It was really great seeing people like Doug Hodges, Rick Allen, Jim Harris and Bob Anselmo, guys I've known for over 50 years. It was sad to hear of the passing of Coach he was one great guy and will always be in the memories  of all of the guys that learned from him, but like Marilyn said he had a good long life but it was still sad to hear about his passing. Anyway enough rambling my old fingers are getting weary, but thanks again.
 One more thing, to Helene Enslow, Gail Bonomo, and Patty McGinnis can you please send me a bottle of whatever you guys have been taking for the past 40 years  - it would be greatly appreciated.
Lyle Fifield

I had a great time. Although I live in Sacramento, I rarely get to the Peninsula. Thanks to all the people who put this together, your hard work was evident in everything about the weekend. I feel so lucky to have been at Aragon when I was. Bob Graham was right, it's all in the eyes. It's still there.
I thought about the weekend a lot since I have been back.  I mentioned it on the radio and many Aragon alumni who heard it called in.  People who graduated in the 60's, 70's, 80's etc.  It was a weekend I will remember for a long, long time.  I miss you already.
Bob Anselmo, aka Bob Keller KSEG 96.9 FM/Entercom Sacramento

Thanks to all who worked so hard to make the reunion happen, and many thanks to all who gave warm welcomes to everyone.  Donna and I are really looking forward to the 45th!Cheers, Joan Pollock Trainor

What an absolutely great reunion!  Although in favor of another in 2009, I'm  afraid we could never top this one. This was the first reunion that I have attended and, after 40 years, I can only describe it as a magical weirdness.  It was like returning to a past life, only we are all grown up and grounded!  It was so wonderful to visit void of walls, social status, click "taboo's" and all that other junk.  I have to say that everyone that I was lucky enough to visit with was in some way delightful!  I'm only sorry that there wasn't more time to get around to everyone, and for that reason alone, I think 2009 is a great goal.  Ron (my husband, who knows no stranger) summed it up by saying "what a great group of people!" 
   Special thanks to you committee members for giving your all.. .  I hope you realize it was worth it.  More than special thanks to Bonita for your dedication to this project.  And...Mary Sue....I FORGIVE YOU!!!.. You are a sweetheart.  Best to all...If you are ever up in the Pacific Northwest, come see us! 
Paddy McGinnis Wright 

...Thank you just doesn't cover it! It was truly a WOW event from Friday through Sunday.
If we had only known way back then what a special group of people we had around us. It was a treat to sit and visit with people that I never knew in high school. To all of you that came so far to be with us , thank you! To those of you snapping photos all evening, thank you. To the spouses that didn't have a clue who many of us were, thank you for being so supportive of our shenanigans.
If there was room for improvement, it would only have been to have more time. It seems that there were still so many of you that I wasn't able to speak with....though seeing you across the room was a treat in itself...
Count me in for the 45th and keep my name at the top of the list to be a part of the work crew.
Best wishes to all the Class of '64!
MarySue Lewis Fulgham 

It turned out just great. I think it was the best ever (and the food was real good too)!
It is wonderful to now be in contact so many with so many old friends.
Thanks again for the wonderful evening.  Hope we are all around for the 50th!
Carole Young Friday

The reunion was fabulous. Many thanks to all of you who got it together.
We really did have a very special high school experience with wonderful people.
I thought the energy of everyone was so full of life and love. It is inspiring that
the enthusiasm that characterized our class is still there; in fact it felt even
more there than ever.      [See
In Memory of..  RE:  Mike Lemon]
May the spirit of Aragon live on,
Lisa Rasnick Sangita Moskow

It was such an incredibly wonderful feeling to be around my high school friends again.  We were such a great group of kids, and at the reunion that fun spirit was still there, with an even more meaningful connection now. I must admit, I didn't want to say goodbye.  What a unique bond we have with one another.  I look forward to getting together again and would love to work on the next reunion.
 Thank you to everyone that made our 40th a successful reunion.  I am enjoying our Aragon website so very much, and look forward to showing the photos of the reunion to my two sons and my friends. Let's all stay in touch in the coming years.
 Sending best wishes to my classmates,
 Bonnie Costantini Philpott

A standing ovation to all those of you who spent time, effort, money and imagination to put together a weekend of fun and frivolity! Words can't describe the excitement I felt at seeing so many of the class of '64. I could barely contain my emotions as the memories were ignited as the stories unfolded. For Gary, it was a time to put faces to all the stories I've told him about you and to feel so much a part of our celebration. For Gary, who went to school down the street from us at Serra High School, it also was an opportunity to have a mini reunion with a number of you who were his classmates in college. It was such fun to be in an environment where we could safely regress to age 16 and have it seem like yesterday. Thanks to all of you for making it two nights to remember. We're looking forward to 2009.
 Marilyn (McGuire) and Gary Hausladen

I don't know who gathered all the great shirts, but mine was the best....even though it must have had close to 40 years of sweat and God knows what all else gound in to it.  A good soaking in Oxyclean and it is amazingly white once again.  I will keep it in good order for the 45th!  I sure hope that you have signed on for that event.  [MarySute won the prize for the longest held single job since graduation!]
There really aren't words to thank you, Steve or the other committee members for the fantastic job you did. ...
I just got off of the phone with Marilyn McGuire Hausladen.  We were best friends through Aragon, but had lost touch somewhere in the '90s.  I have spoken with her twice since the reunion, not to mention a marathon call when I tracked her down on Google pre-reunion.  ... I have a list of people that I will also be keeping up with.  Do you have any idea the gift that you have given us?????
... Again.......THANKS!
MarySue Lewis Fulgham

We were just at the Fri evening event. We truly enjoyed it; it was small enough to meet everyone and have great conversations. Unfortunately, due to out of town guests, we were unable to attend the Sat evening event.  Though we had few regrets since we had such a wonderful time Friday. Thanks again for all the efforts you and the gang extended to pull everything together. The success of the events proves the worthiness of all your effort.
Rod & Nancy Smith

Thanks so much for organizing the event and this newsletter. While I was unable to attend due to the death of my mother, I did think about who might be attending and wished that I could have shared the experiences that you did.
Five years is such a short time and I do plan on being there--provided that I haven't joined those that passed before us.
Pass along my hellos to those that you see or hear from.
Bruce Silliman

Alex ("Doc") and I would like to tell you again that all of your efforts made our 40-year class reunion a great success!  The months of thought, research and preparation that you and the "Team Aragon" put into this grand occasion was obvious.  Please convey our highest gratitude to everyone who contributed to this labor of love, especially to the dozen who were named.  We appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and humor of the hosts and co-hosts.
In the afterglow of the weekend, Alex and I have talked about little  else besides how much we both enjoyed reminiscing with so many who were able to attend the reunion.  The theme and the decorations were perfect.  While I was busy gabbing, Alex managed to find a nifty little silver dish in the treasure chest.  Where did you manage to get all that stuff?  (You can tell us at the next reunion, Lord willing.)  We will "treasure" the gift and the memories of the Saturday-night banquet.  We had a blast!  ...
Please stay well.  Alex and I are looking forward to seeing all of you again at another gala affair and would love to help in any way we can.
Sharon Frietas Peros 

...I really enjoyed seeing every one after 40 years. This was my first class reunion as I had not heard of the previous ones. I guess I was not on a list. Now with the internet and everything it is not to hard to find people. Some of the old people were old friends that I had forgotten about going even back to elementary school. Some of us had aged quite a bit while others had kept a youthful appearance.
The event was well organized and I enjoyed to questions such as "how many times have you been married." Looking forward to doing it again. Again thank you. By the way as to job professions there were three Librarians there including myself. I am also a tax professional.

Richard F. Elfving
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